This is a guide to presentations given by speakers at our conferences held between 1995 and 2022.  The summaries and transcripts of the presentations contain an unparalleled wealth of information, of direct relevance to the practitioner advising the international client on the tax aspect of his affairs.  I intend that this Guide will enable the reader to access this information.

The summaries go back to 1975, and the transcripts to 1993.  I have had the privilege (and the duty) of preparing and editing them all, but I have confined myself to the period of the last 22 years, partly because I found that the relevance of the presentations inevitably fades with age and that many of the earliest summaries are now only of historic interest, and also because the task of refreshing my memory of contents of the 264 presentations given during that period was quite demanding enough!

I need hardly say that reading a summary – or even an entire transcript – of a presentation is not a substitute for taking advice.  It may (and often will) stimulate further enquiry and indicate avenues to explore, and the quality of the presentation may well indicate to the reader that the speaker is the person to ask for further information.

In deciding what to include and what to omit in this Guide, I have adopted the simple and unsophisticated rule of including the items that interest me the most.  I apologise in advance to readers who do not find their favourite passages listed – and not least to speakers who find, as they used to say in Hollywood, their best moments on the cutting room floor.  I plan to keep this Guide updated after each conference, and if any reader feels that there is any passage in the Summaries or Transcripts to which I should have referred, it will be a matter of  few clicks to include a new reference, and I shall be happy to click.

The links in the text are to the Transcripts , which are accessible only to members, but readers will generally find some information about their chosen topic by going to the relevant section of the Summaries, access to which is open to all.

Milton Grundy

Founder, ITPA

                                                                                                                                                                    Itpa Guide to Presentations